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How to Survive a Great Depression

prepare for economic collapse

Prepare for a Depression

The Great Depression of the 1920s exists as only images for many of us alive today. We have often seen the grainy photos of bread lines. It has seemed so unlikely that it would ever happen again that we forgot to consider how to prepare for a depression until we were faced with the near-economic collapse of 2008. We got so close to the brink that we are faced with thinking about how to survive economic depression. We all must have a plan on how to prepare for a depression. How would your family survive economic collapse?

Plan Your Finances

To survive an economic collapse you must take into consideration the potential loss of a currency. The latest events in Greece make real the possibility of bank runs and the likely event of being cut off from our cash. Even if you could get money out of the ATM, will it be worth anything?

Currency collapse, in the midst of depression, is a real possibility. This could leave you without money when you desperately need it. Your credit cards will no longer work. You can plan for this by having your assets spread out among multiple currencies. Diversification of your investments with an emphasis on precious metals is one choice. Gold and silver will always be valuable. Keeping gold and silver coins on hand for an emergency just makes sense.

Finding food, fuel, and water is one of the keys of how you survive an economic collapse. The ideal scenario would be to have a stockpile stored safely in your home. There are many types of food that are ideal for storing. You can also consider investing in chickens for an egg source. Old-fashioned gardening and canning is making a comeback and can save your family if the worst happens. Storing batteries, light sources, and solar equipment is vital. An adequate supply of medical items is also important.

The Oldest Method

When you are making a plan on how to survive economic depression you cannot neglect the importance of bartering. As long as you have items of value, you can trade them. This old system of trade will never collapse. When you prepare for bartering, currency issues, and food shortages, you are heading down the right path toward a solid plan to survive economic collapse.

Protecting your home from home invasion

ways to protect your home

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Surviving Water Shortages and Crisis

Survive a water crisis

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How to Choose a Water Filter


Your survival plan should take into account a couple different water-need scenarios to be best prepared. Remember, of all the supplies you can have ready for emergency, access to clean water is THE critical one for sustaining life. So, don’t delay in preparing your water emergency plan.

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Crisis Survival Tips

Plan for Emergency

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