Protecting your home from home invasion

ways to protect your home

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With the times that we are living in, it is unquestionably important to consider ways to protect your family. It seems that home invasions have become a sport for some people and are escalating. There are a lot of easy things that you can do to safeguard your home and family. Worst case, you may want to hire a security consultant.

Better Doors

Before you hire someone, let’s look at some of the things you can do. You can make sure that your doors are solid core. You can find them in home improvement stores. You can get them in Mahogany and oak if you desire a fancy door. Safer doors have no glass in them or next to them.  The price is nominal considering you are protecting your belongings and more importantly your family.

Better Locks

Once you have the door in place, make sure you have a higher quality, bump-proof locks on it. You may want to get a lock that has solid cast metal. You can add a deadbolt to that or a second lock. This well help discourage the invaders from getting into your home. Even though you have these locks, another thing to do is remember to lock every lock you have. Also do not forget to close your garage door. If you do not close it you will be welcoming the invaders into your home.

Physical Barriers

Other simple door security includes door braces and full length strikeplates.  Kicking doors in can take just one quick action.  Having a physical reinforcement in place will slow an intruder down.  Full length strikeplates coupled with 3″ long screws into the door frame serve as a powerful barrier.  Door braces are inexpensive, it’s a good idea to keep one on your bedroom door at night also.

Home Security System

A home security system will also allow you to keep away the intruders. You can either hire a company with a recurring monthly fee that provides monitoring or setup your own system and have it alert the people you choose.  Either system you choose can be set up to have a panic button, which will alert your neighbors in the event of criminal activity around your home.  If you choose to set up your own security system, we’ve personally used the Skylink system with excellent results.  The system is highly expandable, customizable, and best of all, affordable.  Home invaders are looking for quick and easy targets.  Alarms bring more attention than they want.  Barking dogs can also deter home invasions. Much like remembering to lock the doors, you also have to remember to set your alarm.

Photo Surveillance

You can set up wireless security cameras for video surveillance.  Many times if a thief sees a camera, they will move on down the road. They don’t want to be caught on video for evidence in a courtroom.  Some of these are even viewable over the internet. There are alternate ways to set this up if the system is too expensive for you. There are dummy cameras that appear to be the real thing that you can put up. It has the same affect and will also deter the thief from invading your home.

Simple Measures

There are other simple things that you can do to protect yourself. If you see someone in your neighborhood, call the police. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, that is what to police are there for. They are there to protect and to serve. When you are not going to be home, leave a light on to set the appearance that there is someone at home. If you are going on vacation, stop mail and newspaper deliveries if no one will be picking them up for you. If you do not do this it is just an invitation for the burglar. They know that no one is at home when there is six days worth of newspapers lying in the driveway. Once you do this, you should also set up different lights on timers, so they go off at different times.

Worst Case

However, even if this is done, and you find yourself in the middle of a home invasion there are some things that you should remember to do. At all costs, stay calm. If you are calm it will de-escalate the system and you may protect yourself from violence. Get training in self-defense and consider owning weapons that you keep around the house for easy access.  Nothing strikes fear in an intruders heart like the sound of a shotgun cocking.  If you do not prepare, you may become the victim of violence. A quick search on YouTube for “home invasions” will open your eyes like nothing else.

Finally, you need to have a family plan in place in the event of a home invasion. If there are children anywhere in different rooms, they can put the escape plan into action and free themselves from the house. Once they are able to escape, they can run to a neighborís house and notify the police of the home invasion.  If there are elderly or disabled people living in the home, try to keep them hidden from the intruders for their protection.

Get Prepared

Theives and thugs are lazy and don’t want a hassle.  If you follow some of these techniques, the likelihood of a home invasion will greatly decrease. You will also feel a lot safer in your home, knowing that you have protective devices and family plans. Start protecting your home today so you are not the next victim of a devastating home invasion.

Have other good ways to protect your home from invasion?  Leave them in a comment below.



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